Examples of some lyrics

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--------------------------------------- I have dreams of transcending --------------------------------------------------
I have dreams of transcending.
states that I have been amplifying.
Many thoughts that I have let go that were angering.
I used to follow many values that were deprecating.
All the suffering I have been through seem disbelieving.
Many facts in my life I am disclosing.
All the suffering I have been through seem disbelieving.
Towards none, I do not feel like depending.
My life needs balancing.
All the wisdom I have been assimilating.
Towards my mom, I am always assisting.
I have let go of all thoughts that are angering.
About wealth, I am concerned about assembling.
I do not carry anymore thoughts that are assaulting.
Nowhere do I sit around bumbling.
All my life, I am not disclosing.
About the world, I am not condemning.
I love looking at my sister baking.
We need to stop all bullying.
Before the laundry, my white clothes go through bleaching.
I ask all questions without assuming.
Negative thoughts seem discouraging.
I carry no thoughts that are discriminating.
Life is a symbol that is ready to go through decoding.
Through contentment, there is no more craving.
Being able to speak in front of you, is astonishing, astounding.
Those who carry negative thoughts are discouraging.
My success is now commencing.
We leave self-importance, including civilizing.
I do not feel self-important, just correcting.
I pay the price, not bargaining.
To show support, we do clapping.
Farting in front of people is dishonoring.
I do not participate in bullying.

------------------------- I know it is Love -----
******** chorus
When I see all races smiling at me, I know it is love.
When I see babies smiling at me, I know it is love.
When I see birds approaching me, I know it is love.

Last night, I saw my girl.
The way I touched her made her swirl.
She enjoyed it and gave me a hug.
As I grabbed her ass, she made a light chug.
After that I walked her home.
And that night, with the full moon out, was awesome.
Before we parted, I gave her a kiss.
Then I told her how much I would miss,
her presence because it is always a bliss.
I was a little insecure, and she said she would never diss,
me and indeed my thoughts are usually amiss.

I thought about it:
It must be love.
When I feel so much connection with older people, It must be love.
When I put a smile on the ones I meet. It must be love.

I remember a memorable day.
I was working at the gas station, seeming like yesterday.
After I finished, took the subway.
got home, felt like sleeping all-day.
Then I met my mother in the hallway.
gave her a hug as a love display
for she is my mainstay.

I thought about it
It must be love.

See, I just want to mention of a friend name Hernandez.
See, a good friend
because of him, I am no longer a fiend.
And I am ready to make a step towards anybody to befriend.
With our friendship, I felt confident to have a girlfriend.
All of us need a good friend.
If you are nice to all your friends.

So, I thought about it.
It must be love.

------------------------ The American Dream ------
[ I am looking for the American Dream:  Big cars, Big cars.
I am looking for the American Dream: Nice house, Nice house.
I am looking for the American Dream: Nice clothes. Nice clothes.
I am looking for the American Dream: because I wanna shine.]

The American Dream is the dream of life.
For there is no after-life.
And I refuse to live a low-life.
And for my protection, I always carry a knife.
In my jeans, there is always a pocket-knife.
To those seeking conflict, I am always ready to strife.
I am not even close to my mid-life.
The day is for work, in the evening, I get ready for the nightlife.
I am not trying to hold it down, Homie, this is real life.
Besides that homies, I love riding my big Escalade.
And nobody can touch it without my accolade.
Otherwise, I will cut your throat with a blade.
That is right, I do not play with my toy
I protect them with joy.


Sometimes, you can catch me riding with a gun.
If it is too much, I have just begun.
In my house I have a plasma TV.
that is ready for HD TV
In my crib, I ride my small ATV.
Let me now mention my shoes.
And how they are liked by my hoes.
This is American dream for Negros.
This is a hell of a life
in a life-style that allows no wife.
And always ready to shine like I am fine.
Before I whine, I pop the wine.
I polish my shoes with shoeshine.
Got my own plane, no need no airline.
ready to fly to the skyline.
With my lawyers, I confine.
Live my life fully till the end of the line.